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Mortgage Balance $1,000,000
Year Purchased 1915
Real Estate Commission 5.00%
Sales Price $4,000,000
Selling Expenses
Total Selling Expenses
Net Sales Proceeds $
Cost Basis $250,000
Cost of Improvements $100,000
Net Adjusted Basis
Taxable Gain
Homeowner’s Exclusion
Total Subject to Tax
Federal Tax Calculation Value
Taxable Gain
Tax Rate 20% 0.20
Federal Cap Gains Due
State Tax Calculation Value
Net Sales Proceeds
Net Adjusted Basis
Taxable Gain
Homeowners Exclusion
Taxable Gain
CA 13.3% 0.133
State Tax Due
Net Investment Income Tax Value
Taxable Gain
200,000 OR 250,000
Taxable Amount
Tax Rate 0.038
Debt over basis tax?
Existing Mortgage minus Adj. Basis
Possible additional tax
Total Tax to Bill
Projected Tax Bill Value
Depreciation Recapture 25%
Total Tax to Bill
% of Profit to Taxes %